Wednesday, 8 May 2013


i have been on facebook since 6th grade i.e since i was 11.........there were very few friends then who were there along with me.....the reason most probably being that the official age is 13. In the beginning it had prominently been for playing games a trend very popular then. i would log in maybe once in a day the syncing i.e fb on phone had been on a large scale (in india atleast) then. computer being the only way to log in.......
            Now after almost 4 years i was on fb at the least 3 times a day. People.....friends,cousins, uncles etc would very frequently ask why i was on fb the whole day cause thats what it seemed to them......once u log in through ur phone u dont really log out and hence technically ur ol throughout the day. i decided to give it up day before yesterday and now i dont see any reason why i switch on the laptop or i dont really get any particular timepass on the phone. whenever i switch on the internet i very much naturally move my cursor towards the fb tab shortcut and then realise i no more am a part of it. Editing pics and making trolls is what i did these days now i dont even know whom do i share my status with. You find urself so very helpless and then i am very much compelled to think that what i did 4 years before without fb. it feels idiotic that a social networking site could become such a big part of ur life in just a few years.